Mrs. Usha Raosaheb Nirmal and Mr. Raosaheb Baburao Nirmal is the founder of Nirmal dairy and agro products. The company was established in 1990 with an aim to provide quality milk and milk products to the consumers. Milk is the basic necessity of every consumer and most of us consume milk products on daily basis. Mrs. Nirmal realized that getting quality milk has become difficult for consumers because of its degrading quality. With an aim to deliver superlative milk products to the consumers, the couple stated supplying the Patanjali and Gokul milk and milk products and these products undergo various processes to check their purity.

Thus the product we supply to the customers passes various quality tests and this ensures their purity.

But we are not only limited to dairy products. Our company is also a leading provider of agro products. These products include Natural Jaggery, Jwari & Bajri, Corn, Wheat, Vegetables etc. All these products are organically used and are cultivated in a healthy environment. Today, with the increase in adulteration in agricultural products, the company has sensed the need of giving quality agro products to the customers, so that they can eat healthy and stay healthy.

Company Overview

Established in 1990 with the first venture of dairy business by USHA RAOSAHEB NIRMAL with a small shop in ahmednagar with the help of her husband RAOSAHEB BABURAO NIRMAL who was an Maharashtra government employee. Later her son Dr NIRANJAN RAOSAHEB NIRMAL established chemicals companies, later he take over multipal companies in various sectors and developed a Group name as Nirmal Group of Industries and Hospitality know as NGIH.

At Nirmal, we are fully equipped to cater to the ever-changing needs of our discerning customers. Be it investing in R&D or adhering to world-class quality standards, we have always strived to come up with innovative and customized solutions that help our customers scale new horizons. Our 3,00,000 sq. ft. unit at Asangaon houses state-of-the-art modern facilities giving the required thrust to our manufacturing capabilities.

At Nirmal, we believe that our responsibilities are not just limited to delivering customized products. We are equally involved in each stage of the process from product planning and manufacturing to execution along with timely and regular follow-up sessions post-delivery.

With each product supply, Nirmal offers a formal 'Product Instruction & after Sales Commissioning Support', which includes value-added features such as O & M manual, comprehensive literature & customer training program. A Technical Support Team is always available to answer any queries regarding our products & services. We also conduct various training programs for young engineers of the industry as we believe that with the right knowledge, the youth today can transform our tomorrow.




Pritam Niranjan Nirmal